Every four years, the calm and peacefull Camocim de São Félix, a small town in Pernambuco (Brazil), is shaken, revealing an outpouring of joy, anger, hope and disappointment. During the municipal political campaign, the city splits into two, and everything seems to orbit around politics. In the middle of this political market, Mayara, 23, tries to make a "clean" campaign to elect his candidate and friend Cesar.
Festival de Málaga 2018 | Miami Film Festival (Encuentro Award)  | 50º Festival de Brasília | 10º Janela Internacional de Recife | 41ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São PaulO | 21ª Mostra de TiradenteS | 7º Olhar de Cinema de Curitiba | 20º Festival Kinoarte de Cinema, Londrina | Festival Ojoloco, Grenoble (BEST DOCUMENTARY)

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